A CEB union boss’s power plant is working from the leaking warret of Samanala wewa.(Vedio)

Ranjan Jayalal, General Secretary of the Electricity Workers’ Union, says that the watter leak in Samanala wewa, which has been going on for a long time, will not be stoped even in the future too. He says that the authorize persons are working to spread the opinion that this leake cannot be stopped, and the reason for this is that another private power plant is being operated by using the leaking water.

He says that this power plant located below Samanal wewa belongs to a private company, and a person related to that company is working as a trade union leader of Lanka Electricity Board. He said that this may be the reason why the minister in charge of the subject did not release water to the farmers even when the paddy fields in Walava valley dried up by thousends of acres during the last drought season.

He said that the water leak is not being closed because a power plant owned by a trade union leader of the Electricity Board is operating below Samanalewa using the water leak. He said this while participating in a discussion on an internet channel.

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