A businessman who forcibly detained a woman and took her nude videos was arrested

According to the report, the police arrested a fishing businessman who is said to have forcibly kidnapped a 29-year-old mother of three children, threatened her and recorded her nude videos.

This arrest has been made by Waruni Keshala Bogahawatta, OIC of Matara Division Children and Women’s Bureau, as per the instructions of Southern Province Senior DIG Sajeeva Medawatta.

The police obtained a search warrant and searched the house of the suspect. The police were able to find the woman there. It was revealed that the suspect fish cutter Manna threatened to kill her husband and children by pointing knives and also cut her hair.

In addition, it is reported that the suspect had stripped the woman and filmed the scenes on a mobile phone and that if she left the house, he would release the scenes on the internet.

The mobile phone that contains the nude scenes and the manna knives used to threaten her have also been taken into custody by the police. . Preliminary police investigations have confirmed that the arrested suspect is a relative of the woman. .

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