110 crore profit for Wilma company by making 25 cents sugar tax to 50 rupees.

Wholesalers in Pettha, say that the well-known company Wilma Pyramid has made a profit of 110 crore rupees due to the increase of the special trade tax imposed on sugar import from 25 cents per kilo to 50 rupees per kilo.

Last Friday, Pyramid Wilma Company brought eighteen thousand metric tons of sugar to Sri Lanka under special trade tax which was twenty five cents. After releasing the stock of sugar from the port, the government raised the tax to fifty rupees per kilo.

During the administration of former President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, the sugar tax was revised in a way that benefited the Wilma company, and the tax revenue lost to the government due to the revision was 1676 crores of rupees, according to the Department of Inspector General.

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