Courts grants permission to checked the bank account to confirm that the girl was sold

The court has allowed two private bank accounts to be checked to ascertain whether the schoolgirl who died after falling from the top floor of a Kalutara lodge was sold to the main suspect by her friend and her boyfriend.

When the case related to that incident was recalled in the Kalutara Magistrate’s Court yesterday (15), the police officers who gave evidence before the court related to this incident. It was informed that investigations are also underway regarding the sale of women for sex.

It was said there that information was received that the boyfriend of the girl’s friend had sold her to the main suspect for 20,000 rupees and received 12,000 rupees as an advance, and it was possible to verify the information by checking the bank accounts. According to this, the investigators have been granted permission by the court to check the accounts of two private banks.

However, the facts have not yet been revealed whether the deceased girl knew that she was being sold by her friend and her boy friend or not.

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