Ceypetco revises fuel prices. Octane 92 petrol price will be reduced

Ceylon Petroleum Statutory Corporation has revised the price of fuel sold at its filling stations with effect from midnight today (31). Accordingly, the price of Octane 92 petrol has been increased by Rs 9 per liter and the price of other fuels has been increased.

Accordingly changed prices and new prices are below.

Cheaper types of fuel:

Petrol 92 – Rs. 9 in (new price Rs.356)

Types of fuel that have increased in price:

Petrol 95 – Rs. 3 in (new price Rs.423)

Auto Diesel – Rs. 5 in (new price Rs.356)

Super Diesel – Rs. of 10 (new price Rs.431)

Kerosene – Rs. 7 in (new price Rs.249)

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