Argentina is trying to get out of the economic crisis by making a radical candidate the president.

With inflation at 143% and facing the worst economic crisis in history, the radical far-right Javier Millay has become president of Argentina.

He said during his election campaign that he would use the US dollar instead of the country’s currency, the peso, and cut government spending. It is reported that his opponent, Minister of Economics, Sergio Massa, has accepted his defeat.

Argentina, which has the third largest economy in South America, is facing a financial crisis due to miss manegement of the economy. and the new president also has no clear ideology to overcome the economic crisis. His proposal has been to cancel the national currency and introduce the American dollar or another currency.

The media also points out that the country’s voters, who are angry with the economic disaster, have rejected Sergio Massa’s more moderate reforms.

53-year-old Javier Millay, a TV “talk show” host, has been able to achieve this victory because he is very popular among the country’s young voters. He has been criticizing all sides, America, China and South America’s regional power, Brazil.