All details of the Malta transaction will be revealed during the CID investigation.

Duminda Nagamuwa, the party’s publicity secretary, said that the Frant line Socialist Party has information related to its statement that the Janatha Vimukti Peramuna together with Internal Security Minister Tiran Alasa has made a huge investment in the Republic of Malta.

Minister Tiran Alas has made a complaint to the Criminal Investigation Department about the accusation made by the Frant line Socialist party, but he says that his party has not yet received a summons for the related investigations. He said that since the police is under the current government, he hopes that this investigation will be held quickly and that he will present the information he has with evidence as soon as he receives a summons.

He further said that instead of wasting time by holding daily press conferences, the ftant line party is ready to reveal all the information at the right place and instead of facing its accusation, the JVP is working to avoid the issue by putting it before the CID.

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