A stock of “fairness cream” containing 30,000 times mercury was arrested.

Recently, during a raid conducted by the Colombo District Consumer Authority in Colombo, Petakotowa area, a stock of illegal body lotions without proper information was found. It is reported that the samples were sent to the laboratory to check their quality and after receiving the test reports, the necessary legal actions were taken and a case was filed.

It has also been revealed that these body lotions contain mercury 30,000 times more than the prescribed amount.

According to the prescribed standard, the approved maximum amount of mercury that can be contained in body lotions is 1 mg/kg. But these body lotions with the brands Fresh & Clear, Arena Gold, Navia, Ujooba, Fresh & White, and Super White, which were referred for testing, contained very large amounts of mercury ranging from 6000 mg/kg to 31,0000 mg/kg. It has been revealed that

Therefore, consumers are requested to refrain from purchasing products that do not clearly state the information of an importer or manufacturer within Sri Lanka when purchasing body lotions.

The raid, investigation Colombo District Consumer Affairs Authority Senior Investigation Officer E. U. It is further reported that Piyal Samaranayake, Arvinda Shalika, and Dhanuka Gunaratne have conducted raids and investigations to remove such products from the market.

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