A parachute convener fot ”anthare”

It is reported that Madhushan Chandrajith of the Faculty of Allied Health, University of Peradeniya has been selected as the new convener of the Inter-University Student fedaretion.

The decision was taken in yesterday’s session at Rajarata University and it is reported that the session was held under the so many internal crises. The general student unions of several universities, including Peradeniya, Sabaragamuwa, Ruhuna and Kamburupitiya Faculty of Agriculture, did not participate in the general election and several student unions including the General Student Union of Saundarya University boycotted the general election.

The inter-university student body band the Peradeniya University studant union to partisipete the election as they had objected to the appoint Madushan Chandrajith as the convenor who did not hold any active position in their student union,

Madhushan chandrajith recived the support of the universities of South East, East, Kelaniya, Rajarata and Open university. Apart from this, several faculty student associations loyal to the Frontline Socialist Party have expressed their support for him. It is reported that JVP-friendly student unions have protested against the new convener, and parties loyal to the Samijana Force have supported Madhushan Chandrajit.

Madhushan Chandrajith, appointed as the new convener, is a resident of Embilipitiya Thorakolaya area who appeared for the A-level examination in 2015 and was selected for university education. Due to a conflict with the Vice-Chancellor, it has been leran that his studentship was suspended for two years.

With this appointment, the Janata Vimukthi Peramuna’s attempt to seize the power of the university student movement was failled. It is reported that the reason for this is the protest against Anura Kumara Dissanayake, the student and youth union leader of that party. Also, the reason for Wasantha Mudalige’s sudden departure has not yet been announced.
A few days ago we reported that there is a planned action to appoint Madhushan Chandrahit as the new convener.

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