A new international airport for Higurakgoda.

Due to various reasons, it is proposed to convert Kalgoya Higurakgoda Airport into an international airport.

500 million is proposed for the development of the town of Punarin, to give power to the farmers’ committees in those areas for the restoration of small tanks. In addition to this, 250 million rupees will be allocated as initial expenses for a program to combat jaka galima in Galle district. Currently on hold
It is also proposed to provide 500 million for the Galle district auditorium project.

It is proposed to allocate another 1000 million to speed up compensation to the missing, and 200 million will be allocated to build a Buddhist museum based on Buddhist civilization in Kandy city. It is proposed to allocate 1.5 billion rupees for the Kandy Multimodal Transport Center and 1.5 billion rupees to develop school cricket.

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