A discussion on Sri Lanka’s debt sustainability will be held in Morocco

In conjunction with the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), a program titled “Sri Lanka: Ways to Achieve Debt Sustainability and Governance Reforms” will be held today (13) in Marrakesh, Morocco, according to Verite Research Institute.

This program has been organized by the civil society organizations associated with the Sri Lankan Civil Society Organizations Movement for economic upliftment of Sri Lanka through anti-corruption reforms.

The Verity Research Institute points out that this program will focus on two main priorities aimed at freeing Sri Lanka from the debt crisis.

The “Civil Society Analysis Report on Sri Lanka’s Governance” compiled by the civil society organizations associated with the “Sri Lankan Civil Society Organization Movement for Economic Upliftment of Sri Lanka through Anti-Corruption Reforms” was published in mid-September.

Peter Brewer, Senior Head of Operations in Sri Lanka at the International Monetary Fund, Dr. Nishantha de Mel, Executive Director of Verity Research, Nadishani Perera, Executive Director of Transparency International Sri Lanka, and Theo Marett, a senior research analyst, announced that Verity Research will contribute resources to this program. .

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